Сharacters Fran Bow



Сharacters Fran Bow

About Game

Fran Bow is known not only for its plot but also for its interesting characters.

Fran Bow-Dagenhart

The little girl is the protagonist of the game. She has a black cat who is her best friend. The player plays for her throughout the game, except at the beginning of the chapter, when she gets to Ithersta. After the death of her parents, she ends up in Oswald’s hospital. Here she is given pills called Duotine because of which she begins to see other realities, horrifying creatures and a lot of blood and corpses.

Mr. Midnight

Fran’s pet, a black cat with yellow eyes. Her companion throughout her journey. The player has the opportunity to play for him while they are in Ithersta.


Also called The Creature of the Night and The One Many Children Talk About. Tall skeleton in a posh suit and a tall hat. He helps the girl throughout the game.

Clara and Mia Buhalmet

The twins that Dr. Oswald sewed together during his experiment. They live in a different reality. In chapter 2, the girl performs a magic ritual over them, which leads to their disappearance. In Chapter 4, Fran can learn how Itward and the sisters are related.


Called Prince of Darkness, The Terrible Black and The Big Monster. A monster that looks like a large shadow with a goat skull. Chases and scares the girl throughout the game.


She is the Ruler of the Fifth Reality. In Leon Castillo’s diary, she is called the end of the light. She knows everything and is the personification of human torment, despair and longing.

Leon Castillo

In the game, he does not appear, but at the end of chapter 2, the toad gives us his diary. In it, he describes his travels in other realities and everything that he saw. It also contains a lot of information about the creatures that Fran Bow met and will meet in the future. He worked with Dr. Oswald Harrison and was the leader of the twin research team.

Dr. Oswald Harrison

Founder of the Oswald Asylum, where he conducted experiments on patients. Concludes a cooperation agreement with The Big Monster.