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Welcome to Oswald’s Asylum! The game begins with a psychiatric session that the young lady attends after the tragedy. Fran Bow is given pills, after which she begins to see terrible creatures. Determined to escape from the asylum, she starts her adventure to find her cat, Mr. Midnight.

Double Personality

Further on the game, through the well, the orphan finds herself in a strange house. In it, she meets Mia and Clara Buhalmet, sewn together. Agreeing to perform the ritual, she begins to look for the necessary items.

In the attic, she discovers her cat, after a conversation with whom she realizes that sisters are not worth a trust. The player is convinced of the same after talking with the toad.

Transitioning with the help of pills to another reality, she finds another scroll and performs another ritual on it, turning Mia and Clara into a heap of ashes.

Reunited with the cat, they leave the house on top of a toad. Having reached the other side, the characters try to cross the bridge, but the monster Remor throws them down.

Vegetative State

After landing, the player is given the opportunity to play as a cat. Looking around, Mr. Midnight discovers a girl in the form of a tree. Next, vegetables appear on a flying boat and take Mr. Midnight and his owner to the King of Ithersta.

After a short dialogue with Ziar and meeting with the healer Palontras, she regains her limbs and now has the opportunity to speak the local language.

To return to her world, she will meet the Great Wizard, complete his rather long quest, and also get a clock for switching seasons from Cogwind the Clockmaker. Throughout the chapter, the girl, despite the fact that she does not take pills at that moment, constantly sees different visions.

Imaginary Friend And Doctor’s Prescription

After leaving Ithersta, the girl gets on the other side of the abyss, where she meets Itward, her faithful friend. The player needs to collect everything for the journey and set off further on the flying machine.

After completing the skeleton’s tasks, friends celebrate Bow’s birthday together, and then fight off the Kamala’s attack.

Having learned that irreparable damage has been inflicted on the flying machine, they land not far from the street with the house of the main character of the game.

Upon meeting Dr. Deern near her home, the orphan goes to the cemetery with him, where she discovers the truth. After which Remor attacks them and kidnaps the girl.

She wakes up in her room, bedridden, and then demonstrates the ability to travel in time and meets a second self who helps her get out.

Player leaves through the door that appeared thanks to a faithful friend’s gift and finds herself in the Fifth reality. After collecting all the parts for Ekog Clock, the girl goes to wake Mabuka.

The House of Madness

Then she goes to an infernal hospital, where she meets Dr. Deern, and later Dr. Oswald Harrison and Aunt Grace, who tell her everything.

The game ends when Fran Bow, in a fit of rage over the fact that Aunt Grace threw the cat, begins to strangle her, for which Oswald shoots her.

And everything would have ended tragically if her faithful friends Itward, Palontras and Mr. Midnight had not come to help the girl, heal her wounds and take her to Ithersta.