Chapter 4



Chapter 4

About Game

Fran Bow Chapter 4 is divided into 2 parts. Meet Your Faithful Friend! In part 1, after Fran Bow leaves Ithersta, she finds herself on the other side of the abyss.

After a small trap, in which the girl falls, trying to catch her pills, she meets Itward, who also appeared before in the game in the very beginning. According to the skeleton in the tall hat, he is Fran’s most faithful friend with whom she played a lot before. Further, he offers to go further on his flying machine, but for this, the girl needs to find water and fire-berries.

While searching for everything the orphan needs to complete the task, she meets Luciferns and Deadleeworm. Finding the items, we take off in a flying machine with Itward and Mr. Midnight. The skeleton asks us to help him with fuel and pour the previously collected water into the boiler plant.

So Friend or Foe?

Having finished with the task, the orphan returns to Itward, he asks for help to get rid of the rabbit, which he is very afraid of. Further, when the girl tries to show him that there is nothing to worry about, he drags off Mr. Midnight and locks the door.

Next, the player needs to deal with the mechanical rabbit and get out of the locked room to continue the game.

Having made our way into the next room through an observation deck, the girl turned on the light and got to the party on Fran Bow’s birthday! She receives a gift from our faithful friend, which will help us later.

Unexpectedly, the holiday is spoiled by kamalas who break the autopilot. The skeleton escapes to find out what’s going on.

At this time, the player can find out how the sisters Buhalmet and Itward are related. Next, Fran gets rid of the kamala, and then returns to Itward, who informs her that irreparable damage has been inflicted on the flying machine, and he will not be able to bring her home.

Who Is Dead After All?

Chapter 4 Part 2 begins with young Bow-Dagenhart and Mr. Midnight returning home, but the door is locked. Then the cat enters the house to open the door from the inside.

But at that moment, Dr. Deern appears and takes the orphan away. On the way to the cemetery, the player learns a lot of interesting things from a long dialogue between a doctor and a patient, which sheds light on the secrets of the main character’s journey. The doctor does not believe the tales she told him, asking her to stop playing.

Later, arriving at the cemetery, they dig up the graves of the Bow-Dagenhart family and find out that the death of Bow-Dagenhart’s daughter was faked. Chapter 4 of the game ends with Remor attacking the characters and kidnapping the girl.