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Fran Bow 2

About Game

In 2019, Killmonday Games released Little Misfortune. And all the players started wondering, is it Fran Bow 2 or its another story?

The Long-Awaited Answer

On the developer’s YouTube channel, Natalia and Isak Martinsson stated that this is an independent story, which is not a prequel or sequel, but the events of the new story about Ramirez take place in the same universe. In Little Misfortune, there are also Easter Eggs in the form of Fran’s dress in the Misfortune’s closet, as well as Itward, who acts as a cameo.

Now Isak and Natalia Martinsson and their team are focused on working on other projects and gaining more development experience in order to start releasing a good product, get used to a new coding engine, and also learn how to record voices for the game.

For example, Little Misfortune is fully voiced, Natalia Martinssos as Ramizez and Henrick Norman as Morgo. And after they gain enough experience and get ready, they are going to take on the development of Fran Bow 2.

So it may be that the next part can be with voice acting, cut scenes and improved graphics. Maybe even 3D graphics can be used or pseudo-three-dimensional like in Little Misfortune

In their video released on March 29, 2019, the development studio announced that at the end of 2019 they will begin preliminary preparations for the start of development. It was reported that it will be released within a few years, as it takes time to create.

Therefore, players expect that the studio is going to please them with a release by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Whose Theory Will Come True?

Players are actively waiting for the return of their favorite characters and the continuation of their adventures.

Since the plot of the sequel is still unknown, you can sit and wonder what exactly it will be about. So, the next part may also be a story about what happened even before the birth of the main character, namely about Lucia and Grace Dagenhart, on whom experiments were also carried out at Oswald’s Asylum. We may also have the opportunity to meet the mysterious Leon Castillo, whose diary was shown in the first part.

Or it may be, which is very obvious, the continuation of the adventures of the girl in Ithersta, to which she flew away on Palontras with Itward and Mr. Midnight at the end of the game. Perhaps Remor continues to pursue the girl and frighten her or it can be another monster.

No one knows what exactly will be in the next part, but judging by the success of the previous game and Little Misfortune, Fran Bow 2 is able to be more interesting and exciting further.