Fran Bow Game Online Free

Fran Bow has become one of the most interesting games, which has taken a special place in the hearts of players who prefer complex puzzles, a dark plot, a gloomy atmosphere and sheer uncertainty that awaits them ahead. In 2015, thousands of players were eagerly awaiting the release date to finally plunge into the world of madness.

The Little Swedish Company That Made History

Killmonday is the development studio that created one of the best games in point-and-click gameplay style. Fran Bow combines adventure, puzzle and horror genres. The game is available on Windows, Linux and Mac. Moreover, later it became possible to play on Android and iOS devices, but in separate chapters because of storage limits.

Life Will Teach You

Even through tears and pain. At such a young age, the little girl has already witnessed the death of her parents, and after the tragedy she experienced, she ended up in a psychiatric hospital alone with her problems. Dr. Deern conducts psychotherapy sessions with the girl to find out what happened on that terrible night, and then gives her new medicine called «Duotine». After trying pills, the orphan starts to see terrible creatures and distorted reality.

After fainting due to the medicine, the black cat, which was given to her by her parents not long before their death, informs the girl that she needs to run away, not forgetting to grab «Duotine» to find out what really happened to her family. Having found her best friend, Fran Bow sets out on a journey to find out the truth.

The main character will visit the most unusual worlds. On her way, she meets many different creatures. Someone later became her friend, who later helped her in difficult times, and someone became the one from whom she had to run away.

Find out who really are Mr. Midnight, Itward and Palontras. Walk the streets of the second reality called Ithersta and meet the locals. Learn about the gruesome story of the two twins, Mia and Clara Buhalmet, and the reason why they are sewn together. And what are Dr. Oswald Harrison and Aunt Grace hiding? Who is Leon Castillo and how does he relate to the story?

Only Madness Reigns Here

Sometimes puzzles that seemed to be the most difficult can be solved most strangely and unexpectedly. Therefore, if you think that your solution seems incredibly absurd, then try it anyway. Perhaps it will be the right option. Well, if nothing comes to your mind at all, then you can watch the solution in the walkthrough. Remember that everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance.